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We not only provide tea sets, 

coffee equipments,
but also the culture behind it
high end taste
elegant mind
and quality life




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Seecin service tenet: caring service, our commitment

Customer-centered, to create the ultimate customer experience, to provide customers with five-hearted service, to create the best reputation of Xinxin service.


Five-hearted service: Let customers "move, worry, rest assured, comfortable, and at ease."


After-sales service: Provide one-to-one service 24 hours a day, record and track after-sales problems to ensure that every problem is solved perfectly.


400 customer service care: Seecin set up 400 national service hotline, with rich experience and warm service to answer every question.


Technical support: Take the lead in passing ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001S three-system integration and certification of high-end brands, and introduce the world's leading professional technology and designer team and the industry's most advanced IPD product development and operation system, with strong hardware and software foundation to protect high-end products Quality standards.